ICYMI: Jessica Chastain Isn't A Red Head Anymore

At least not this week.

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For several years now, Jessica Chastain’s enjoyed her perch within the A-List Hollywood Redheads pantheon. Along with peers like Emma Stone, Zendaya, and Amy Adams, Chastain’s long, fiery hair is something of her beauty trademark. But if Chastain’s latest Instagram post is any indication, she just might be on the same “new year, new me” wave as the rest of the world. In a surprising shakeup, it looks like Jessica Chastain’s blonde hair is the new normal. Celebrating her Screen Actor’s Guild Award nomination for her titular role in last year’s The Eyes Of Tammy Faye, Chastain and members of the Tammy Faye production team popped some champagne bottles on Instagram — and Chastain donned a pale blonde hair color that immediately got her Instagram followers very excited.

Upon closer inspection of the video, the hair doesn’t necessarily look like a wig. The hair color itself seems to be pretty reminiscent of her Tammy Faye depiction — a pale blonde with bouncy layers — and she and the team are clearly either backstage on getting ready on-set somewhere, but that’s all that can really be gleaned from her high-energy celebratory video post.

The new color looks to almost be cashmere blonde, a stylish shade for the new year that involves an equal blend of warm and cool highlights for a woven, pale, neutral blonde color that almost becomes a stand-out accessory in its own right. Expected to be a top trending color for 2022, cashmere blonde is about to be everywhere.

But regardless of what inspired the pretty new hair color, two things are all but certain: the transformation is almost certainly for work, and it won’t last too long. Chastain’s not just a prominent redhead — she’s a proud redhead, and has even previously spoken up about how past brushes with blonde dye made her feel. “I almost dyed my hair blonde, which I guess is throwing in the towel because I was living in Los Angeles, and I couldn’t get an audition,” Chastain told a Golden Globes red carpet reporter in 2017. “I thought, ‘Well everyone’s blonde here, so maybe I should dye my hair blonde.'”

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With awards show season well underway, it’s safe to say fans can all expect Chastain to turn up on the assorted red carpets with her signature hair color restored, refreshed, and looking better than ever. A blonde Jessica Chastain will have to live on virtually — for now.