Jennifer Lopez's Self-Love Practice Includes An Easy Action You Can Do Daily

And it’s totally free.

Jennifer Lopez / Instagram

Everyone has a different way of building themselves up. For some, it’s achieving goals; for others, it may be engaging in a form of exercise; and for many, it’s a combination of several things. While there’s no wrong way to go about doing that (whatever works for you is best!) there are some simple ways to work some motivation into your daily life with very little effort — and Jennifer Lopez’s self-love practice is the perfect example.

The singer shared her exercise in a recent Instagram Story on her profile, which included three inspirational quotes scattered on what looked to be an outline of her (probably very busy) schedule. And though Lopez didn’t give much of an explicit explanation of what she was doing, her hashtags said it all. “#Mondaymotivation,” “affirmations,” and “selflove” were all included with the photo, presumably pointing to the 51-year-old’s use of the pictured words as a reminder to love others as well as herself.

It’s worth noting that the quotes J.Lo was using weren’t quite traditional self-affirmations. For those, you would typically center them around yourself — and as Judy Ho, Ph.D., a licensed and triple board-certified clinical and forensic neuropsychologist, recently told TZR, they’re defined as “simple phrases or statements that help you build confidence and help you challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts.”

Jennifer Lopez / Instagram

Regardless, it’s doubtful there’s ever a bad time to remind yourself that Willa Cather once said, “Where there is great love, there are always miracles,” or of George Eliot’s words about kindness and friendship. After all, motivation is motivation — how you achieve it is completely up to you.

While the quotes Lopez shared weren’t self-affirmations in the conventional sense, the actor has spoken out before about using more traditional versions. “I have so many affirmations that I do,” she told Oprah in an interview in 2020. “Your thoughts create your life, and so you have to think positive thoughts.”

In the sit-down, she went on to share a few she loves. “I am open and receptive to all the goodness and abundance the universe has to offer”; “I am in perfect health”; “I am good on my own”; “I love myself,” she said, explaining that these are part of what helps her feel she’s “enough.”

As Ho went on to tell TZR, recitations such as these really can have a powerful effect on your mindset and your life. “Even as the world changes, you can use self-affirmations to motivate yourself, challenge yourself, and cheer yourself on to rise to whatever the occasion requires.” And if J.Lo’s confidence and career is any indication, they’re clearly pretty effective.

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