Jennifer Aniston's Go-To Polishes Make Up The Perfect Capsule Nail Color Collection

No gemstones. No glitter. No foil or ombré or geometric designs.

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Jennifer Aniston sticks with the classics when it comes to nail polish colors
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Jen Aniston is the Grace Kelly, the Audrey Hepburn, or Jane Birkin of our time. Still gracing magazine covers at the age of 50, the age-defying beauty has maintained relevance several decades after becoming Friends famous. Jennifer Aniston's penchant for a classic nail polish color perfectly exemplifies her timeless style.

You could sift through photos of the actor from 10 years ago yet never know that they weren't taken just yesterday. Sure, she's had her moments with polarizing trends — The Rachel haircut in '95 or the notorious red-carpet dreadlock incident of '99, for instance — but she has for the most part kept a classic aesthetic. One that every generation can get behind.

Her affinity for a universally loved nail polish color is a case in point. You'll never see Aniston flaunting the most current nail trends. No gemstones. No glitter. No foil or ombré or geometric designs. Rather, she sticks to a more traditional palette: pinks and reds with an occasional peach shade thrown into the mix if the weather's right.

In an age where creative and intricate (often times expensive) nail art reigns, Aniston's simple, subtle manicures prove that minimalism is still in. Her go-to hues, ahead.

Light Pink

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If there's one thing Jen Aniston has in common with the Queen (and thousands of others, for that matter), it's a love for light pink nail polish. Her Golden Globes mani was reminiscent of Essie's it-shade, Ballet Slippers, or the drugstore brand's other pink shade, Mademoiselle, which the actor has mentioned before.


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During the colder months, Aniston swaps her chipper pinks out for rich burgundies. "I'm not big on bright pink — for winter and fall, I go with a dark, deep bordeaux or cabernet colors, like Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch," she told GoodHousekeeping.com in 2016.



While she's admittedly not big on colors that outstep the pink-red range, she has in the past showed her support for a pretty peach. That's one way to integrate summery hues into your look without having to stray too far from neutral.

Classic Red

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Who doesn't love a classic red? It's perhaps the most timeless nail color of all time and one that's appropriate any time of year. Aniston typically sticks with darker reds, but she'll occasionally lighten it up, like she did during the Los Angeles premiere of Murder Mystery in June.

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