How To Make The Vacation Vibe Last

Returning home from a fantastic vacation is, for want of a better word, a bummer. Instead of sobbing into your pillow, try holding onto the zen (that can only come from hours in a beach hammock) by infusing a little laid-back style into your home. We tapped designer Heidi Merrick to share her tips for keeping the vacation vibe alive because as you’ll see, her house feels like a holiday. So whether you bring home some exotic trinkets or simply purchase a few succulents, it is possible to hold onto that serenity for a little longer.

All Photos: @hmerrick

Introduce Bold Nautical Stripes

"I incorporate striped pillows everywhere. They are timeless and make me feel like I'm in Italy's Cinque Terre."

Try Gauzy Drapes In The Bedroom

"My daughter's bed reminds me of a giant tea table and, combined with the gauzy drapes, evokes South East Asia."

Add interest With Exotic Blankets

"I throw a Moroccan wedding blanket anywhere I can to keep furniture from getting stale."

Incorporate Bright Plants And Succulents

"Bougainvillea adds the perfect amount of color and breath to my backyard."

Opt For Ocean-Inspired Art

"I have ocean pictures all over my house so I never forget where I'm from. The surfboard is ancient redwood, is a piece of art and my most prized possession."

Invest In Floor Pillows

"Floor pillows really make people lounge, which brings an informal and luxe feel to the home. This dress if from my upcoming resort collection, and is meant to be worn everywhere from the bedroom to the beach—it's the ultimate vacation-inspired piece."

Look The Part

"This dress is weightless and falls somewhere between a gown and muumuu making it the perfect summer piece."