Hailey Bieber’s Tour-Wife Uniform Is Y2K-Inspired

Re-create her looks, now.

MEGA/GC Images
hailey bieber trousers and shirt y2k-inspired

Hailey Bieber might as well have stepped out of a time machine from the early 2000s. On April 11, the model and entrepreneur posted a selfie on Instagram Stories wearing a heavily Y2K-influenced look. It consisted of slouchy, dark blue trousers by Marine Serre and a vintage FILA sweater vest in red. She completed the look with a coordinated red-and-white sneakers from Nike, a thin chain necklace, and narrow, rimless sunglasses. (The cotton-and-wool pants are billed to be high-rise, though Bieber opted to wear them low.) She fashioned her hair in sleek pigtail braids. The look skewed sporty, cool, and even a bit sultry — kind of like a Bratz doll (you know, the It-toy that sought to undermine Barbie’s overly sweet image when it went to market in 2001.)

The look appeared to be for husband Justin Bieber’s world tour, called “Justice.” (Per its name, the tour seeks to help raise awareness of several key issues, including criminal justice reform, climate action, and voter registration, and encourage “Beliebers” to do their part.) On April 12, Hailey posted photos from the tour; in one of two professional photos she shared in the carousel, she wore the look she posted casually on Stories the day before.


This isn’t the only recent outfit Bieber has worn that’s induced flashbacks; the model has become something of a muse for the trend. For example, a new Miu Miu campaign, which features Bieber, has her in the label’s most talked-about look: a pleated micro-miniskirt in khaki, a cropped button-down, slouchy socks, pointed loafers, and a gold chain bag. Low-rise pants, cropped tops, and micro-miniskirts were worn by some of the most prominent celebrities of the early aughts, like Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez (to name a few).

Whether you’re looking to take on Y2K-inspired wear with gusto, like Bieber, or work your way (back) into the style slowly, there are options available. You can find Bieber’s exact pants and sneakers below. Along with it, there are several similar pieces to fully recreate her look.

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