Hailey Bieber Matched Her Lips To Her Nails Again & It Looks So Cool

Trend alert.

Hailey Bieber black fur coat and yellow sunglasses december 2022

If there’s one thing Hailey Bieber can really do (fine, she can do — and does — a ton), it’s start a trend. It doesn’t matter if it’s classic sheer tights at the Met Gala, a specific your-lips-but-better liner, or one of the prettiest nail trends in recent memory — Bieber can make it big. In fact, in TZR’s 2023 hair color predictions report, several celebrity stylists report hers as their most-requested hair color. With just days left on the calendar, though, it makes sense that Bieber would set her sights on the year ahead. Hailey Bieber’s red French tipped glazed manicure, complete with that ethereal dusting of shimmery chrome that captivated the world this summer, isn’t just notable for its Christmas-themed version of chrome nails.

In a cool, coordinated move, Bieber matched the bright red French manicure tips to an equally-bold lipstick with a creamy finish. Shared to Instagram in a carousel of photos captioned with a serious of festive emojis, her new nails and corresponding lipstick are bold pops of color against her white-trimmed black mini-dress, complete with a fluffy fur coat. She’s used the red combo as the standout shade in a few looks lately, including her overtly Christmas-colored ensemble she wore to Billie Eilish’s birthday party earlier this month.


While some sort of tone or color coordination between lip and nail color isn’t especially rare, it is notable that Bieber is using them as statement pieces rather than just quietly harmonizing with a wider, all-over look. But if ever there were a time to go for bold pops of red — especially when it’s applied by Bieber’s makeup artist, Leah Darcy — it’s the holiday season.


This isn’t the first time Bieber’s called attention to her lip-nail color match, either. Earlier this year, to complement her love for brown liner with matching gloss, she unveiled “chocolate glazed donut nails” to the delight of her TikTok fans. The manicure’s signature shimmering effect, created by celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt, mimicked the brilliant shine of the balm Bieber layered over her lipstick.

While it’s still 2022 for just a while longer, it’s safe to say this is one trend set to stick with us well into the new year. No complaints here.