How To Throw An Epic Birthday Party

On account of its highly glamorous nature, the quintessential Great Gatsby soiree never goes out of style. Exemplifying potentially the most epic iteration of the popular theme, Natasha Poly celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend and the photos alone were enough to inspire us to slap a ’20s-era dress code on our next summer party. Here, a few key takeaways on why her bash was particularly grandiose.

1. Show Up In A Killer Ride

Rule #1 of being the birthday girl: you must make a grand entrance at your party. A sweet vintage ride should do the trick, no?

Natasha posing outside her party. Photo: @alexanderwerz

2. Invite Your Most Gorgeous Model Friends

Decadent decor aside, Natasha's party was particularly easy on the eyes due in part to the fact that all of her friends are downright gorgeous and were fully dressed to the nines.

Photo: @katsia_d

3. Invite Your Designer Friends, Too

Talk about #squadgoals—you know it's an epic bash when Peter Dundas (currently the Creative Director of Roberto Cavalli) shows up.

Photo: @peter_dundas

4. Ensure There Are Plenty Of Libations

Birthdays are prime time to break out your finest crystal (and vintage) and pour a glass—nothing like a little liquid courage to ensure the dance floor fills up in no time.

Photo: @alexanderwerz

5. Have An Otherworldly Cake

If a 5-tier, floral-bedecked cake isn't an Instagram moment waiting to happen, we don't know what is. Oh, and we're sure it tasted as good as it looks.

Photo: @lenaperminova

6. Don Some Serious Sparkle

A Roaring Twenties party is the opportunity to go all out with the glitz and the glamour. Donning decadent sparkle from head to toe will keep you looking (and feeling) fabulous for photo opps all night long.

Photo: @naty_chabanenko