Eva Mendes Just Surprised Everyone With A Bold New Hair Color For 2023

Fantastically fiery.

Alexander Tamargo/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Eva Mendes big fluffy curls with side part and turquoise one shoulder dress is seen celebrating the ...

Just when you thought the year’s best celebrity hair transformations were all but finished, here comes the ever-chic Eva Mendes with a totally unexpected shakeup that revitalizes her entire look. Just revealed on Instagram — and in her usual oh-so-casual fashion, too — her fresh, fiery look might just reignite 2022’s biggest trend for next year. Eva Mendes’ new red hair is similar to the soft copper shade seen on fellow celebs like Kendall Jenner or Zendaya, but with a brighter, bolder tone that warms her features and adds an electric energy to her tousled waves and curls. Arguably Mendes’ most extreme aesthetic change in years, it’s an exciting, refreshing vibe and hair color for the new year ahead.

Mendes dropped the look on her millions of Instagram fans on Christmas Eve, but didn’t acknowledge the major shift until the very end of her caption. The accompanying video showed off her new red hair color’s rich, radiant tone, but Mendes chose instead to pair with a poignant paragraph about holiday pressure, social media insincerity, and self-healing. “Oh, I went red,” she tossed off at the very bottom of the post, making it clear the new look was secondary to her heartfelt message.

While her followers were visibly appreciative of her words, many couldn’t resist raving about her stunning hair color, too — unsurprisingly, it was a universal hit. Days later, Mendes shared a static shot to give fans a better look. She credits Richi Grisillo — the celebrity celebrity hair artist lauded for his endlessly creative editorial looks — as the mastermind behind the rich, red shade.


While the red is by far her most noteworthy hair look of the year, it’s not the only one by a long shot. Earlier this summer, Mendes showed off a set of stunning highlights arranged into a glam, polished take on beach waves that immediately grabbed attention across the internet. If her red hair is any indication, though, 2023 will be full of exciting new styles and looks just begging to be recreated at home. If there were ever a celebrity to keep an aesthetic eye on, it’s Eva Mendes.