Eva Longoria’s Obsessed With This Trendy Workout (That You Can Do At Home)

“Can’t live without my trampoline!”

Eva Longoria / Instagram

If you want to know the workouts or fitness platforms that are trending at any given moment, just look to celebrities. As with their clothing, homes, and everything else, they always seem to know the next big thing before the world. And fortunately for the rest of us, they often feel compelled to share their discoveries. You probably found out about the DB Method from the Kardashians or the Tracy Anderson Method from Gwyneth Paltrow or Tracee Ellis Ross — and now, Eva Longoria’s favorite workout is about to open your eyes to yet another up-and-coming fitness trend.

The actor took to Instagram recently to share her weekend workout, calling out her current obsession in the caption. “Saturday Bounce! Claudia and I trying to keep up with our girl @alygiampolo from @thenessnyc. Can’t live without my trampoline!!” This isn’t her first go-around, though — Longoria has been singing the workout’s praises for months, including the equipment in nearly every fitness check-in she posts.

If you’re not yet familiar, trampolines have been having a moment in the fitness world for a couple of years now, as they offer a way to get low-impact cardio (and also have some fun). Yet people and brands — such as Longoria — are continuing to adopt the practice and rave about its experience and benefits, ensuring its popularity only continues to grow.

It may seem like this is an in-studio-only modality; after all, it does require a large tool (at least compared to your standard dumbbells and bands). But actually, more and more companies are integrating the use of mini trampolines into their online classes, making it easier than ever to try this trend at home if you’re able to fit the equipment in your space. In fact, Longoria’s go-to studio, The Ness, is the perfect place to start: It offers a digital subscription for $40 a month, with a seven-day trial to let you test it out.

And while you can spend a lot of money getting into it, there are plenty of affordable trampolines available if you’re not quite ready to commit. Sure, some do run into the hundreds, but it’s just as easy to find options for $100 or less. TZR’s selections (for every budget and preference) to help you try this Longoria-approved trend, ahead.

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