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The Parent Trap Actors Elaine Hendrix & Lisa Ann Walter Had The Cutest Reunion At The SAGs

They also wore matching colors!

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SAG Awards Red Carpet

PSA: The Parent Trap actors Elaine Hendrix and Lisa Ann Walter just reunited at the 29th Screen Actors Guild Awards. Fans of the movie will recall that Hendrix and Walter played onscreen nemeses Meredith Blake and Chessy, respectively, in the 1998 comedy (which also featured a child-age Lindsay Lohan). Offscreen, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth as the duo have been best friends for over 25 years. As proof, Walter — who is nominated alongside the cast of Abbott Elementary in the Comedy Series Ensemble category — brought Hendrix as her date to the 2023 SAG Awards. Of course, what ensued next was a series of playful moments between the two on the red carpet.

The two spoke to ET Online about their special date night, sharing that their plan did experience a couple of small hiccups along the way. “Well, I invited my date, but then my date flew, and it took her 19 hours to get here because of the weather, and a little diversion to Vegas, three other planes that were made late and she got here,” Walter said. Hendrix then chimed in and said: “I got here, and I was determined. She asked me to be her date, I showed up as her date.”

Luckily for fans, it seemed like everything worked out in the end! They even managed to pull off coordinating outfits that channeled Old Hollywood glamour. Hendrix donned a Marlene Dietrich tux, while Walter opted for a voluminous gown. “I went a little more ‘50s, but this is a dress that I found about five years ago, and when I saw it I was entirely unemployed and I said I’m gonna wear this to the SAG Awards,” Walter said, according to People. They tied their outfits together with matching rhinestone hair accessories.

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After the two were first spotted on the red carpet, to no one’s surprise, fan reactions exploded on social media. One Twitter user wrote: “Elaine Hendrix and Lisa Ann Walter giving us something to talk about! Lindsay Lohan your moms are here, where are you???” Although Lohan didn’t make a surprise appearance at the SAGs this time around, three years ago, the entire cast reunited for the film’s 22nd anniversary, with everyone sharing their all-time favorite memories. If you tuned in for that moment, you likely experienced a giddy rush of excitement at seeing Lohan (Hallie and Annie Parker) interact with Hendrix and Walter. Check out the clip from July 2020, ahead.

When you’re done watching the above, make sure to catch Hendrix and Walter reenacting one of their most infamous scenes from The Parent Trap, below. They are too cute.

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