Dua Lipa’s Newest Manicure Is The Subtlest Nod To Halloween

The season’s best color takes a delicious turn.

Dua Lipa in skirt and top posing leaning back against balcony

At this point, Dua Lipa is almost as well known for her fashion sense and beauty moments as she is for her excellent music — it’s just a natural byproduct of having such great personal style. The same way her songs regularly top the charts, Lipa is constantly churning out looks that are essentially the sartorial and beauty equivalents to an album going platinum. Her decadent manicures — often decorated with stunning nail art and bold colors — are especially noteworthy, and her latest set is stunning. With a bright orange French manicure, Dua Lipa’s candy corn nails walk the line between themed and plain old stylish — in other words, well within Lipa’s aesthetic wheelhouse.

The color chosen for her tips is perfect for October, and it comes on the heels of a rainbow of other colorful French manicures from Lipa: snake green, bright blue, red, and classic white have all made relatively recent appearances on the star’s nails. And in typical Lipa fashion, this French manicure comes courtesy of her go-to manicurist and nail artist, the U.K.-based Michelle Humphrey. In several sets of photos shared to Instagram, it looks like Lipa is taking the orange nails on a worldwide tour, from her recording studio (new music coming soon?) to glitter-soaked nights out with friends — but that all just speaks to the versatility of orange as a color, able to blend in or stand out depending on the clothes, makeup, and hair paired with it.

Seasonally speaking, it doesn’t get much more appropriate than orange in late fall. Opt for Lipa’s warm, gold-tinged shade and the color reads as candy corn orange for Halloween, especially if you add a tiny, glittery white triangle at the very tip. Mix in a drop or two of a rust-toned red and suddenly it transforms into the exact shade of a late-autumn fallen leaf. Orange is shockingly versatile and in nail polish form, easy enough to adjust at home if you feel like playing manicure mixologist. Still need more inspiration on the search for the ultimate fall nail color? Give Lipa a few days — she’ll have undoubtedly moved on to a new shade by then.


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