Demi Moore’s Been A Beauty Icon For A Full 40 Years Now

Simply transcendent.

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Demi Moore 2024

How often are celebrities equally adored across a wide spread of generations? If there’s one thing Gen X, Gen Z, and Millennials can all agree on, it’s that Demi Moore is a one-of-a-kind style and beauty icon, with more legendary looks behind her than most can even fathom. What’s equally rare is the fact that Moore essentially came out of the gate with both a signature look and A-list poise, something not often seen in fresh-on-the-scene industry newcomers. Moore’s beauty evolution even proves that she’s had that it-factor from her earliest days on-screen — maybe that’s part of why she’s still such a major deal today.

Like so many actors do, Moore spent the early ‘80s cutting her teeth in the soap opera world before getting her first big break halfway through the decade. She was immediately established as a key member of the Brat Pack, equally adored for her generation-defining film roles and her red carpet looks. Remarkably, 40 full years later, she’s as relevant as ever, influencing beauty and trends while managing to consistently top herself with the sorts of projects she chooses to take on.

Below, look back through Moore’s complete beauty evolution — no matter if you’re a longtime fan or a newly-minted devotee, you’re sure to find some inspiration.

Fresh-Faced In 1985

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1985 marked the year St. Elmo’s Fire premiered, and it rocketed a young Moore to fame. That year, she styled her long, dark hair in decade-friendly layers complete with some wavy volume, but kept her makeup fresh and youthful with an emphasis on rosy blush.

One Bold Bowl Cut In 1989

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Just four years later, Moore was a full-fledged movie star and one-half of the industry’s favorite power couple. She hit the red carpet with then husband Bruce Willis one night, debuting a seriously unforgettable bowl cut at the same time. The long bangs and symmetrical style are bold, but leave it to Moore to really pull it off.

Moody Makeup In 1993

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‘90s makeup was something special, and Moore’s take on it makes the look even cooler. With her dark hair growing out and her skin extra-fair, her deep red lipstick is a bold, nearly goth-inspired pop of color that’s been making the rounds on Tumblr and Pinterest for years now.

Iconic Buzzcut In 1996

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Moore’s now-legendary buzzcut is forever a critical piece of celebrity beauty history. Originally shaved for her role in G.I. Jane, which would be released a year after debuting the look in 1996, Moore inspired a wave of copycats — how could she not when the cut shows off her bone structure this well?

Back To Basics In 1999

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By 1999, Moore had returned to her signature look with her dark hair again falling around her shoulders. She kept her makeup similarly low-key, opting for rosy red tones through both her cheeks and lips for a naturally flushed feel.

A New Era In 2003

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Almost 20 years after her big break, Moore was still one of the most recognizable beauty icons in the game. In 2003, she started embracing the decade’s favorite makeup product, bronzer, for a beachy glow. She played up the look with peach-colored lipstick.

Sweeping Side-Bangs In 2008

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Moore’s relationship with Ashton Kutcher was one of the most talked-about celebrity couplings of the 2000s — but here, it’s time to focus on her side-bangs. A staple of the aughts, Moore’s wispy, side-swept fringe was one of the era’s most essential haircuts.

Long, Tousled Waves In 2011

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Moore’s long, dark hair has always been her signature, so it doesn’t take much to feel like she’s shaking things up. By adding some waves, curls, and texturizing spray, she suddenly gave her trademark center-part totally new life.

Hip-Length Volume In 2015

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Debuting longer hair than ever, Moore’s hip-length waves were amplified by a deep side-part and tons of volume. The loose bends seen through the blowout catch the light and make her raven hair look even shinier than usual.

Tight Curls In 2019

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Of course Moore saved one of her coolest looks yet for the Met Gala. In 2019, she arrived on the pink carpet-covered stairs with tight, flowing curls, which created a sultry, effortless effect next to her plunging suit-style gown.

Elegant As Ever In 2024

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2024 has been a huge year for Moore. She’s starred in a handful of acclaimed projects and is looking so stunning along the way. She’s still rocking her signature sheets of glossy raven hair, but when your natural look is this iconic, why change it?