Leave It To Ciara To Employ Every Trendy Eyeliner Look In Her Latest Glam

Go, fight, win, glam.

Ciara hot pink eyeliner

Considering Ciara already knows a thing or two about how to seriously whip up a crowd, her latest look makes a ton of sense. For her new Jump music video, Ciara is decked out in full cheerleader regalia, which is all the more fitting when you factor in husband Russell Wilson’s storied NFL career. Ciara the cheerleader doesn’t exactly look like the pom-pom-bearers you went to high school with, though her take on the timeless American archetype is decidedly more glamorous —eschewing the expected preppy ponytail for a bouncy, retro blowout and flirty layered bangs. Ciara’s cheerleader makeup is just as luxe, opting for metallics, glitter, and ultra-trendy eye gems to take her custom costume to the next level. If she were on the sidelines in this ensemble every Sunday, the Seahawks would have already scored another ring.

Ciara herself actually was a cheerleader in high school — no surprise there, she’s always been a natural performer — which adds some sweet nostalgia to her music video’s theme. She even recruited the video’s supporting cast directly from the Winston-Salem State University’s real-life cheerleading squad, a team with an unimpeachable reputation as the best of the best.


The WSSU Powerhouse team are social media stars in their own right, racking up millions of TikTok views on videos showcasing their moves, awards, and game day-perfect natural hairstyles. For the “Jump” video, every featured cheerleader wears a standout eye makeup look, too, that complements the special uniforms and incorporates a major current trend. Along with Ciara’s eye gems, the video’s makeup team drew on abstract graphic liners, patted on metallic blue eyeshadow, and made sure everyone had a craft store’s worth of glitter and shimmer — crucial for any truly accurate cheerleader depiction.


Ciara’s light-catching eye gems are having a serious moment, too. Famously, Euphoria heavily featured the look (including in their own cheerleading scenes), which aired just as the Y2K beauty revival ignited a new generation’s interest in rhinestones, metallics, and all-over shimmer. Ciara’s take on the trend is more fun-loving and celebratory than ever before — and it’s a surefire way to make the crowd go wild.