What’s In Blue Ivy’s Bag?

While the rest of us stared slack-jawed as Beyoncé strutted across the Grammys stage Sunday night, her daughter Blue Ivy seemed to be more interested in the contents of her purse. This, of course, made us wonder what inside its depths was so fascinating, so we decided to investigate.

Judging by this GIF, the inside of the sparkling little cat-shaped purse appears to be coated in glitter, though since it’s Blue Ivy we’re going to assume that it’s actually diamond dust or ground unicorn horns sparkling from within her clutch. While this is impressive, we don’t think it’s the purse’s lining that baby Knowles is showing off to her young friend; in fact, it kind of looks like they’re pushing some sort of a button, which in our imagination activates the Illuminati so they’ll know when to stand up and adore her mother. “Check this out,” she telegraphs to her friend, who will do anything Blue asks her to do (just like us!) and therefore tentatively pushes the button without a word and voilà—every celebrity in the room stands and applauds Bey. Blue then quickly joins in on the clapping to elude suspicion—we’d be terrified of her if she weren’t so darn cute.