The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Getting Really Messy

Updated November 17, 2017: The closer we get to the lingerie spectacle that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the more we hear about the issues plaguing not only its models but also its musical acts. After Gigi Hadid made headlines for reportedly being refused a Chinese visa, turns out Katy Perry, who was set to perform at the event, will no longer be able to make it to Shanghai either. Why? According to Page Six, Chinese officials discovered in a background check that the pop star once wore a sunflower-adorned sequined dress along with a makeshift cape of the Taiwan flag during a concert in Taipei. (Nope, it wasn’t the flag that was upsetting; rather, it was the sunflower, which has become a symbol for a group of anti-China protesters.) Katy has since been banned “indefinitely” from the country, but it appears former One Direction lead Harry Styles and R&B crooner Miguel will perform in her stead. As they say, the show must go on.

Original post November 16, 2017: The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is set to air from Shanghai in just two weeks—and as the lingerie brand’s biggest night of the year, it’s bound to exceed audience expectations. However, the runway itself might be missing a few faces, as four models have reportedly been denied visas to travel to the futuristic city. Julia Belyakova, Kate Grigorieva, Dasha Khlystun and Irina Sharipova have been unable to share their frustrations on social media, but that doesn’t mean the internet (and we followers) are letting this go:

In fact, it appears even Gigi Hadid won’t be able to make the show as planned. That’s right—the supermodel took to Twitter to make the shocking announcement, and we’re just not having it:

While Gigi didn’t provide an explanation for the absence, we’d be remiss not to loop her in with the others going through Chinese visa issues. (Also worth noting, the news comes just weeks after a 14-year-old model died after collapsing backstage at a Shanghai Fashion Week show.) Whether or not this is tied into the tragic incident, one thing’s for sure: We need answers, VS.