5 Things You Didn’t Know About Marc Jacobs

While we’re inspired by a variety of modern designers, there’s something extra special about the inimitable Marc Jacobs. From the clothes he sends down the runway to the glamorous lifestyle he perpetuates, we’re always intrigued to learn more about the industry icon. Much to our delight, he divulges several surprising facts about his life in a recent interview on RuPaul’s What’s The Tee podcast. Here, five things you probably didn’t know about the fabulous Marc Jacobs.

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His Fashion Sense Came From His Grandmother

Marc got his eye for fashion from his grandmother Helen, who took him shopping and emphasized old-school manners and dressing properly for different occasions. She also taught him to appreciate his clothes, and the importance of one really beautiful piece over several less exciting items.


He Made It Big-Time At A Young Age

His first real job out of college was at Perry Ellis, where he was the "youngest person to ever have a big position on Seventh Avenue" at that time (Seventh Avenue being the heart of NYC's fashion and garment district).


He Worked In Retail (Just Like The Rest Of Us)

At age 16 (and for four years thereafter), Marc worked as a stock boy at NYC boutique Charivari on nights and weekends to put himself through college at Parsons School of Design.


Many Of His Business Decisions Are Instinctual

While Marc's role skews largely creative, he and his longtime business partner Robert Duffy have always been quite instinctual in the decisions they make. While they've experienced failures, they've come to many decisions based on pure impulse and feeling. Marc notes: "We've always learned that if we want to sleep at night, we have to trust our instincts."


He Doesn't Believe In Giving Advice

When prompted by RuPaul to give advice for any young designers who aspire to be like him, Marc shares: "I don't believe in giving advice. I can share my experience.... I can tell you what I did and whatever you get out of it, that's great." He does offer a mantra that he lives by, which is "Believe in yourself and don't give up."