The Fashion Flock On Mom’s Best Style Advice

While we appreciate any excuse to give or receive jewelry, chocolates and luxury candles, that’s not really what Mother’s Day is all about. Today, in the spirit of celebrating mama with kind words instead of fancy gifts, we asked the most fashionable women we know to share what their mothers taught them about style at an early age. The common theme: have fun, be confident and smile once in a while.

Accessories Are Your Friend

Rachel Zoe, Stylist, Designer and Editor: "My mother taught me to always live my life in a glamorous way, that being overdressed is a good thing and to always, always accessorize!"

Don't Follow Trends

Margherita Missoni, Designer and Brand Ambassador: "When I was a teenager my mother persuaded me not to pluck my eyebrows—back then I didn't get it, but now I'm so terribly thankful for it!"

Have A Little Fun

Jessica Alba, Founder of The Honest Company: "Growing up, my mom made me her Barbie doll! She was always testing hair and makeup looks on me—I had every perm you could imagine, but my hair would just end up falling out. My mom always changed her look and never got attached. It made me look at beauty with a sense of fun and fantasy."

Smart Is Always Stylish

Meredith Melling, Cofounder Of La Marque: "My mother was a great natural beauty but never cared much for fashion—she even borrowed her older sister's wedding dress for her wedding day. Most pictures capture her in running clothes or T-shirts with a political slogan!"

Dress Up Then Take It All Off

Ivanka Trump, Designer And Real Estate VP: “My mother is the most glamorous woman I've ever met. She famously said that there's nothing she could do in flats that she couldn't do better in heels, and I tend to agree! Everything I know about beauty, I learned from her—including the basics! For example, she taught me from an early age not to go bed without removing my makeup. When I was a teenager, she once came home late from an event, woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to wash off my mascara. I've been diligent about taking it off ever since.”

Fashion Is Art

Jenni Kayne, Fashion Designer: "I was lucky to grow up with a mom who loved fashion and had great style. From an early age I loved watching her get dressed and hanging out in her closet. When I was 8 she took me to a Chanel fashion show at a charity event in LA, and that's when I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer."

Stay Grounded

Amber Valletta, Environmentalist And Model: "My mother taught me to embrace the moment— to take a deep breath and be in the moment. I think that's pretty stylish advice."

It's All In The Details

Valerie Boster, Co-Founder of La Marque: "My mother always looks immaculate when she leaves the house, even if she's just in jeans and a white shirt. She has always taught me the importance of presentation and how important feeling confident is."

Have Confidence In Yourself

Diane Von Furstenberg, Designer and Author of The Woman I Wanted To Be : "I felt admiration watching my mother get dressed to go out, whether at night to a party with my father or by herself during the day. She took great care in what she wore, and her outfit was often punctuated by a hat. She looked at herself in the mirror with a smile of complicity and confidence."

Don't Be So Serious

Jennifer Meyer, Jewelry Designer: "My mom always taught me that your best accessory is your smile"