Serena Williams’ Baby Already Has Her Own Gatorade Commercial

So, Serena Williams’ infant daughter already has her own Gatorade commercial. At first, we were jealous, but then we realized we’re not cut out for the pressure that comes with starting at such a level from birth. Seriously, that baby is functioning more highly than we are and she has been out of the womb all of two months. Our therapists will definitely be hearing about this one.

Funny enough, the outsize expectations Serena’s little one will undoubtedly face in her lifetime are addressed by mama Serena in the ad, which—all joking aside—made us cry. We attribute this spontaneous show of emotion in part to us rooting for everything happening in Serena’s fairy-tale life so hard right now and in part to being just shy of a pre-holiday-stress psychotic break. Also, it’s just a super-sweet spot.

Good luck not sobbing at the below.