If You Drink Seltzer, You Need To Know This

Chances are you’ve sampled seltzer before—and inevitably got hooked to the crispy, sparkly, bubbly beverage that’s (we dare say) better than plain H2O. But before reaching for another can, there are a few things you need to know, whether you’re a generic-brand guzzler or a die-hard La Croix girl: While seltzer is simply carbonated water (that’s right, it’s neither club soda nor tonic water), it might be a good idea to check a can’s nutrition facts as not all carbonated water can be considered good for your health. From artificial sweeteners to extra calories, brands can add unnecessary ingredients, so you’ll want to make sure the label includes only carbonated water and natural flavors before swiping one off the shelf. And because they’re not as harmful as soda, you can sip as much as you please. Cheers!