The Fascinating Reason Princess Charlotte’s Children Won’t Get Royal Titles

When it comes to the royal family’s many traditions, there are few things that still have the ability to surprise us. From banning nicknames to sending secret signals via purse (of all things), the British monarchy is no stranger to otherworldly customs. So of course we had to share a recent article that’s making rounds on the internet, through which we discovered one shocking tidbit about the youngest (thus far) royal export, Princess Charlotte. According to Town & Country, the daughter of the Duchess of Cambridge won’t be able to pass down her title to her children, should she have any. Turns out there are only two ways to truly become a princess: You’re either born the daughter of a prince or married to one. For instance, Kate Middleton earned the alternate honorific of Princess William of Wales following her marriage, with her title solidified as Princess of the United Kingdom upon giving birth to Prince George. (The proof is on his birth certificate.) So while George’s children will get to be princes and princesses, Charlotte’s won’t automatically inherit those names. Ah, the titular notions of patriarchy.