Prince George Has An Impressive New Skill

Prince George smiling and waving in a navy sweater and a light-blue shirt

Here’s another thing you need to know if you want a PhD on the royal family: Prince George has a surprising new talent, and it’s not what you’d expect from any 3-year-old. During her visit to the Ronald McDonald Evelina House in London, Kate Middleton naturally had to field questions about her adorable children. When asked about her son, the Duchess of Cambridge said, “George? I should have brought him. He’s at his Montessori nursery today making pancakes.”

Pancakes, you say? After all, it’s National Pancake Day, which may sound like your next favorite fake holiday but is actually an official feast day in the UK called Shrove Tuesday that’s celebrated before the start of Lent. (In our country, this is aptly called Fat Tuesday.) In other words, George was simply taking part in the culinary festivities, and it’s pretty impressive for his age (considering we ourselves still don’t know how to flip a pancake). All bow down to his royal chef-ness.