Move Over Stranger Things Cast, There’s A New Cutie In Town


Our infatuation with the cute kids who make up the cast of Stranger Things is no secret, and while they’ll always be our #1 red-carpet crush, they’ve got some serious competition as of Sunday night. Lion‘s Sunny Pawar stole our hearts as he strutted his stuff down the Oscars carpet, and we’re currently Googling ways to join his fan club as a result. If you somehow missed him—yada yada, gorgeous couture gowns, yada yada—we’ve included a GIF below so you can experience the full effect of his bow-tie-straightening adorableness. We haven’t yet seen Lion, but thanks to Sunny, consider us convinced to add it to the top of our viewing list ASAP.

Apparently, Chrissy Teigen feels the same—this video of her dropping to her knees to hug the little guy is everything.

seven seconds that demonstrate why everyone loves @chrissyteigen pic.twitter.com/DFfwZHw2FV — shauna (@goldengateblond) February 27, 2017