Lena Dunham Debuts Lenny, Her Newsletter for Cool Girls

If HBO’s Girls existed IRL, Jessa would read Mother Jones and Shoshanna and Marnie would both skim The Skimm. As for Hannah? Well, Hannah would undoubtedly read the new newsletter by the cool chick upon whom she’s based, the actress, writer and all-around amazing lady Lena Dunham. Today, Dunham and her friend Jenni Konner unveiled Lenny Letter, a website that delivers straight-to-your-inbox insight from the likes of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, poet Jenny Zhang and Dunham herself. Topics range from pop culture to abortion, racial injustice and feminism.

Daily newsletters are as old as the Internet itself but are having a moment right now—a couple such as the aforementioned Skimm and Everything Changes by Laura Olin, the Obama administration’s former social media director, come to mind. Properties ranging from personal blogs to full-fledged news websites have gotten in on the action, filling fans inboxes as often as twice a day. Why all the commotion?

We think newsletters are hot for two major reasons: 1) Everyone likes to receive fun email, and newsletters are a very personal and enjoyable way for blogs and brands to reach their readers. Newsletters boil down the day’s or week’s posts to a site’s must-read bites. They take the guesswork out of what you’ll want to read later. 2) Newsletters are a brilliant way for personalities like Dunham to reach their fans in a super-personal way. Why haven’t more celebs caught on? Imagine getting notes every week from Kate Bosworth, Kate Middleton or Cate Blanchett! Each has a unique point of view and brilliant things to say about life and style. Each could command an audience of millions.

As always, Dunham is way ahead of the curve here, and we’re psyched to see what Lenny Letter delivers—hopefully more thought-provoking, voice-of-a-generation insight to inspire us and make us laugh, just as she does each season on Girls.

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