Everyone Relax—Kourtney Kardashian Is Apparently Not Pregnant After All

Updated October 25, 2017: Apparently, the Kardashian-Jenner baby boom that’s taken over our lives is not as dramatic as we thought (don’t get us wrong, it’s intense). Kourtney Kardashian posted on Twitter today that, contrary to popular belief, pregnancy rumors involving her are just that. “I see online that I said I was pregnant in an interview, but that was completely taken out of context,” the reality star tweeted. She followed this with another post in which she stated: “The interviewer asked me ‘What’s a crazy rumor that you’ve heard about yourself?’ and my answer was ‘I’ve heard that I am pregnant.'”

While this isn’t exactly a solid no in our book, we’re gonna go with it. That puts the family’s baby-on-the-way count to three instead of four (in case you didn’t know, Khloé, Kylie and Kim—via surrogate—reportedly all have buns in the oven).

Originally posted October 11, 2017: It’s official: We literally cannot keep up with the Kardashians. Here we were going about our hump days when the latest bombshell to strike the Kar-Jenner clan found its way to our feeds—and honestly, we don’t know what to believe anymore. According to Life & Style and generally all the other tabloids you can find on the internet, Kourtney is reportedly expecting baby number four with her boyfriend-of-one-year, Younes Bendjima. The news comes amid rumors that Kylie and Khloe are also pregnant, but until we hear it straight from momager Kris’ mouth, we’re not buying into any of the hullabaloo … or are we?