Consider This Before You Jump To Judge Kendall Jenner

Generally speaking, it’s good to be Kendall Jenner. The supermodel is ostensibly on top of the world, with a wildly successful modeling career and millions of adoring fans—but that’s not to say her lifestyle comes without its pitfalls. Though it may be hard to believe, Kendall, much like anyone, struggles with certain insecurities, and the 20-year-old brunette has taken to her app to open up about living under the microscope of a camera lens:

“Living in the public eye can both build and test your confidence at the same time. Everything I do, everything I post and every picture that’s taken of me is judged by everyone. Getting papped all the time and having my picture posted everywhere is not always fun. And not every picture is going to be a good one. I make a weird face or turn the wrong way and, of course, that’s the one they’ll use! Those can be hard to look at, and they don’t always make me feel the best.”

She goes on to note the positive feedback she receives does provide a welcome confidence boost, but this latest admission sheds light on a fact we (the outside world) might be prone to forget: She, too, is human and isn’t exempt from bad photos or bad days. Check out more on Kendall’s app and website here.