Kendall Jenner Is Reportedly The Victim Of A Burglary

Updated on 3/20/2017:

After news broke that Kendall Jenner had been burglarized the same week Keeping Up with the Kardashians was scheduled to air the tell-all episode of Kim’s Paris robbery, it’s now being revealed that the supermodel suspects her missing $200,000 worth of jewelry was taken via inside job. As it turns out, Kendall hosted a party with several friends that Wednesday night before she left her guests at the house for about an hour at midnight. When she returned, she found that her jewelry box was open and called the police. (She also reported hearing an alarm warning, indicating that a door was opened.) A day following the burglary, Kendall allegedly fired one of her security guards in an attempt to strengthen her security detail and considered the installation of more surveillance cameras in her home. Police are investigating the possible theft for signs of a suspect.

Original post from 3/16/2017:

Just as Kim Kardashian decides to open up about her horrifying Paris robbery (in which criminals got away with millions of dollars in jewelry), another member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has reportedly fallen victim to a burglary. Kendall Jenner had been out of her Hollywood Hills home all day until she returned around 8pm, police sources said. After hanging around for a few hours, the supermodel went to her bedroom past midnight where she noticed some of her jewelry, amounting to about $200,000, was missing and immediately dialed 911. Law enforcement officials found no signs of forced entry and currently have no suspects. Given that her sister was held at gunpoint in a jewelry theft just months ago, Kendall’s fear is completely understandable. We’ll continue to update this story as more information is available.