This Is What William And Kate Will Name Their Third Baby

Popular opinion: We hope Kate and William keep procreating forever, because in a dark, dark world, their baby news is the ray of light we so desperately need. Right now, we’re so excited about baby number three that we’ve been kicking potential names around the office in anticipation of his or her delivery early next year. (This may seem ridiculous, but trust us, it really lightens the mood.) Join us in dreaming of the wee one(s) to come; here, our top name picks for the next royal baby.

We learned from the Diana: Seven Days That Shook the World documentary that it was Prince Philip who convinced a young William to walk behind his mother's coffin in her funeral procession. At 96 years of age, he's not likely to be around all that much longer (tears!), so William may want to honor his beloved grandfather by naming his third child Philip.

We assume Kate has some say when it comes to naming her children, and she may want to honor her 67-year-old father, Michael, when the baby is born.

According to the Telegraph, this was the most popular name in the UK last year, so it wouldn't be a controversial choice for the littlest addition to the Cambridge clan.

It turns out we're not the only ones speculating around the new baby's name. According to Time, oddsmakers favor James as one of the most likely options for George and Charlotte's future sibling.

Time's oddsmakers also favor Arthur, which we think would be an adorable choice for the new baby, if a boy.

We so desperately want William to name one of his children Diana, though we know the odds are slim given he opted to name his first girl Charlotte instead. Still, we're holding out hope—or maybe the cherished name will go to one of Harry's future babies? We'll take that option, too.

Queen Elizabeth, while seemingly indomitable, is 91 years old. Perhaps William will choose to honor his next child by making her Elizabeth's namesake.

Kate may want to name the new baby after her mother, as the two are quite close.

Olivia was the most popular baby name for girls in the UK last year, so it's high on the list of potential monikers for the newest royal, too.

Oddsmakers are placing their bets on Alice, which is a sweet and traditional choice we can totally get behind.

Time's oddsmakers also favor Margaret as a potential girl's name—a nod to Queen Elizabeth's late sister.

See also: Succulent. After all, the royal couple has probably been spending quite a bit of time with Meghan Markle, an Angeleno by birth. Perhaps her influence will provoke them to eschew tradition in favor of something a little ... trendier. Here's hoping not.