Jennifer Aniston Named World’s Most Beautiful Woman At Age 47

Not that we needed proof that Jennifer Aniston has still got it at age 47, but the Tinseltown fixture was just crowned People‘s 2016 World’s Most Beautiful Woman. Amen, People! The actress was humbled upon hearing the news (“there was this sort of very excited, teenage-y kind of moment,” she said), making the win all the more rightful and endearing. (Does she realize she’s the Jennifer Aniston?) In the same troupe as Cameron Diaz and other women in Hollywood who embrace aging gracefully and promote balanced, healthy lifestyles, Aniston defines beauty as: “Inner confidence. Peace. Kindness. Honesty. A life well-lived,” a sentiment that far extends the artifice of looks alone and, in our opinion, why she continues to be a role model for modern women (and completely deserving of her new title). Check out the cover here, and read the rest of her interview in the May 2, 2016 issue of People.