It’s Official: Alexa Chung Is Our New Career Advisor

We’ve grown accustomed to keeping close tabs on Alexa Chung for style inspiration, but who knew we’d turn to the It girl first for career advice, too. In Vogue UK’s 6-part web series The Future of Fashion, Alexa—who is also a contributing editor of British Vogue—explores the real workings of the fashion circuit, exposing viewers to just how multifaceted the industry really is. In episode 2, Alexa investigates which positions are highly searched for in Google (the results aren’t too shocking) and interviews talented design students soon to graduate from Central St Martins, discussing their struggles as young designers and valuable takeaways from their experiences. What you’ll learn from the 10-minute webisode: There are so many different types of fashion jobs at your disposal, many of which you may not know exist. Also, hard work and determination will always pay off. Watch the second installment of this must-see series if you’ve been contemplating a career change, or seek extra advice on how to succeed in this competitive industry.