The Most Important Lessons Team Zoe Has Learned From Dad

by The Zoe Report

We’re family people here at RZHQ, so naturally we take Father’s Day very seriously—aside from showering pops with gifts, we wanted to take time to reflect on all the important things we’ve learned from him. Here, 5 members of Team Zoe share their favorite lessons passed down from dad.

Rodger Berman, President, Rachel Zoe Inc.

"My parents always said yes to everything, which in turn encouraged me to go try things and not be afraid of taking risks. They also taught me to always be truthful. This is something I hope to instill in my boys as well."

Megan Gustashaw, Editorial Director

"My dad taught me to strive for balance in life. We are both hard workers who have trouble 'turning it off,' and he's always stressed the importance of making time to decompress in order to be more effective and creative at your job. He's also completely unafraid to admit when he doesn't understand something or when someone is better at something, and I've always strived to have that same kind of humility."

Mandana Dayani, Vice President, Rachel Zoe Inc.

"My father is my hero. He is the most kind, loyal, hard-working and charming man I have ever known. He has made every sacrifice possible to provide us with a life full of love and opportunity, and I would feel incredibly blessed if I can be half the parent to my daughter that he has been to me."

Sari Tuschman, Editor-At-Large

"My dad taught me to always follow my instincts and that 'all decisions are made in your gut.' I have to say, that very simple advice has never led me astray when it comes to big personal or professional decisions."

Nicky Deam, Fashion Director

"My father taught me that 'failure plus excuses does not equal success.' It's tough love, but it applies in almost every situation and has always encouraged me to push myself."