Gigi Hadid’s Birthday Was Epic

On our 22nd birthday, we think we took a few shots and called it a night. However, when you’re a Hadid, things play out a bit differently. It appears that in celebration of Gigi’s big 22, the Hadid sisters began the date by (somewhat inexplicably, but adorably) water-color painting before moving on to helicopter rides (as one does). These events were posted to both Gigi and Bella’s Instagram stories, snapshots of which can be seen below. The event then culminated in some sort of official b-day celebration at which this pic—possibly the most adorable photo ever taken—of Gigi and boyfriend Zayn Malick was snapped. Is it creepy that we kind of want to make this image our screensaver? It doesn’t get any cuter, and we hope that Gigi enjoyed her birthday as much as we’re enjoying the snaps of her celebrations!