Why I Don’t Care About Gigi And Zayn’s Pet Names For Each Other

by Stephanie Montes

If I ran you through a list of all the pet names my husband calls me, I wouldn’t expect you to make it past the first one. And why would you? Regardless of the context, knowing something so intimate about another couple makes me feel creepy—it literally makes me cringe. So, when the internet started freaking out over the nicknames Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have for each other, not only was I personally afraid to hear them, I also wondered why anyone would really care. In case you’re interested, he calls her “Gee,” and she calls him “Zee.” While the names are much less affectionate than I had anticipated (and not that creative, I might add), I still wonder why something so personal would become the topic of conversation on the world wide web. Maybe it’s the whole “celebrities, they’re just like us” thing? Either way, I find it too invasive and quite frankly, uninteresting. But that’s just me. Sorry, Gee and Zee.