Emma Stone Is Awkward-Girl Goals As An Academy-Award Winner

Getty Images

Let’s face it—Emma Stone is lovable. While other starlets concern themselves with appearing perfect, Emma lets her humanity hang out no matter where she is and as a result, we look at her the same way Leo looked at her during her acceptance speech for her win as Best Actress: with absolute adoration. She was as authentic as we’d expect when she took to the stage, without sacrificing an ounce of class, acknowledging that her Oscar win was a “huge confluence of luck and opportunity” and that she still had “a lot of growing and learning to do.” She also took the opportunity to thank her La La Land co-star Ryan Gosling, whom she commended for making her laugh. Her speech wasn’t necessarily a tear-jerker like Viola’s, but it was quintessential Emma—sweet, genuine and maybe just a smidgen awkward. Our high-school selves—also sweet, genuine and a bit awkward—are rejoicing in this win. Congratulations to one of our biggest girl crushes in the business!