The Clooney Twins Are Already Living Better Lives Than We Are

The one-month-old Clooney twins apparently just made their first appearance, and fittingly it was while disembarking from a private jet in Italy. (We can’t afford the seats with extra legroom on Southwest, but these infants are getting their passports stamped on G5s, which is cool.) The guy their badass mother Amal is married to—we think his name is George or something—was spotted carrying a lacy white bassinet off said jet in Milan. It’s speculated that the foursome is making their way to George’s Lake Como home, where we assume Ella and Alexander will enjoy daily baby massages, tiny corked bottles of breast milk courtesy of Veuve and other such trappings of the 1%. It’s kind of like when our parents took us to our Italian vacation home as kids, except not at all because the only thing even vaguely Italian our families owned was expired cans of Chef Boyardee.

We assume this is the closest thing we’ll get to a glimpse of the twins for some time, and we’re satisfied with that because the idea of the little guys being surrounded by paparazzi is kind of sad. Truth be told, they’d probably trade the jets for a little privacy, were they old enough to do so. Just kidding! Most likely they’ll co-own a fleet of spaceships with the Carter twins by the time they’re four.

Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, right. The Clooney twins and their jet-setting ways. So cute! See the pics here.