Chrissy Teigen Is Somehow Able To Write Another Cookbook


Chrissy Teigen is a human of many talents. Not only does she co-parent the adorable Luna with John Legend, but the supermodel also happens to run a Twitter empire and possess the cooking skills of a five-star chef, as evidenced by the wild success of her debut cookbook, Cravings.

So we weren't surprised to learn that Chrissy is currently working on new recipes for a follow-up to the best seller. But we did have one question: How does she manage to do this while being on the road with her musician husband during his tour?


"We have tried to book as many homes, Airbnb-type places across the country," Chrissy revealed in a recent interview. "If John is performing more than one or two nights in a city then we've tried to get a house. I'm trying to finish the cookbook, and I need a kitchen!"

She added: "I want to tweet like, 'Anyone here in Clearwater have a kitchen I can use? I have to finish this book!'" And with mouthwatering dishes like this Thai glass noodle salad, we couldn't be more excited for the book's release.

P.S.: Chrissy, if you come to Los Angeles or New York City, just know that our humble kitchens would be more than happy to host you.

Homepage photo: Getty Images