The Art Of Being Chloë Sevigny: Snag Her Off-Duty Style

We could wax poetic on all of Chloë Sevigny’s epic fashion moments on the red carpet (one word: ruffles) and in print and on film (from KIDS to Big Love) but her off-duty style deserves some props too. Boyish, badass, and just a little bit ’70s, Chloë’s everyday look is so spot-on, it almost makes you want to edit down your closet until there’s nothing left but beat-up jeans, vintage t-shirts and a blazer or two. In fact, Chloë’s authentic take on downtown cool is the focus of a new photography book, which she curated with art book publisher Rizzoli. The just-launched tome includes photos of Chloë in high school, Sassy magazine, on the streets of NYC and more. Consider it your new guide to out-of-office fashion and a reminder of how doing your own thing is truly always in style.

Cop Chloë's Off-Duty Style

Rebel Without A Cause

With The Band

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

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