Organic Enthusiasts Will LOVE Camila Alves’ Latest Project

In our increasingly health-conscious world, we’re all well aware of the benefits of consuming organic fare—but with so many options for adults, what gives for the kiddos? Seeking to provide delicious, nutritious options for babies and small children, Yummy Spoonfuls fills an important void in the marketplace with their frozen, all-organic offerings. Founded by mother and entrepreneur Agatha Achindu, who partnered with mom and mother Camila Alves in 2014, the company recently reached a huge milestone: Launching their product in Target stores nationwide. Starting at just $2.99, the offerings are affordable yet held to the highest standard, using only non-GMO ingredients then flash-frozen to preserve nutrients and freshness. For moms (or those expecting), you can now feed your little ones organic meals that set a precedent for healthy eating from a young age.

For more information on flavors, company history and where to purchase, head to YummySpoonfuls.com.

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