Beyoncé Calls Together Her Most Powerful Formation Yet

These days, we feel like Beyoncé is poised to make history as an activist as much as she is as an artist, and her latest call-to-action seems to have given the entire internet chills. In the wake of two new police-involved shooting deaths—the victims of which were Alton Sterling and Philando Castile—Bey penned a moving letter urging her fans to action. “It is up to us to take a stand and demand that they stop killing us,” she wrote. “This is not a plea to all police officers but toward any human being who fails to value life. The war on people of color and all minorities needs to be over. Fear is not an excuse. Hate will not win. We all have the power to channel our anger and frustration into action. We must use our voices to contact the politicians and legislators in our districts and demand social and judicial changes.” As evidence of her awesome power, ContactingTheCongress.org has crashed under the weight of traffic Bey sent its direction.

Bey is definitely leading this charge, but she’s not alone in speaking out. Here, some of the other most prominent voices on social media.