Andrew Garfield’s Reaction To Emma Stone’s Oscar Win Is Everything

Remember that moment when Bella Hadid strutted past ex-boyfriend The Weeknd onstage at the Victoria’s Secret show, looking like a solid 10/10, thereby enacting our biggest revenge fantasy ever? Well, something similar happened at the Oscars, only the two ex-lovers involved were actually major breakup goals—it was less about revenge than it was about supporting someone with whom you were once involved. When Emma Stone was named winner in the Best Actress category, her former flame Andrew Garfield was visibly moved—possibly even to tears.

Emma also reportedly went out of her way to give Andrew a hug during commercial break, a moment Twitter captured and clung to in the hope that the two will one day reconcile. So many couple goals last night, and now we have ex-boyfriend goals as well. Thanks for keeping it so classy, you two.

Andrew wasn’t the only crush-worthy man gazing adoringly at Emma last night, either. She and her La La Land co-star Ryan shared shared some very cute moments, like the hug pictured above, and we couldn’t help but feel our hearts skip a beat watching Leo beam at her as well. She is definitely living her best life, and we’re not mad at it. Not mad at all.

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