6 Celebrities Who’ve Shown Off Their Gray Hair Journeys

Silver linings.

Celebrities going gray, including Tracee Ellis Ross.

Here’s the thing that nobody will tell you about going gray: You don’t need to pick how you react right away. You might pluck the silver strand out and pretend it never existed (it’ll just grow back, by the way). Or, you might think you need to swear off hair color for the rest of your life to embrace the new grays. The third option? You’re more than welcome to go back and forth, a path that’s been well worn by the many celebrities going gray currently. One month, you might love the salt-and-pepper look, or how light roots contrast your natural color. The next, you could be all in on bleach and hair dye.

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While that particular hair follicle is always destined for grays, you can change that up however you want. Embrace it, color it, ignore it, play around with it — that choice is totally yours. But for new gray hair inspiration, scroll down. TZR rounded up the latest crew of celebrities who’ve shown off their grays online, one way or another, so you can start to study how to make your own transition. Or, just check out some cute hairstyles. That works, too.

Celebrities Going Gray: Tracee Ellis Ross

Even before she became a hair care brand founder, Tracee Ellis Ross has always made experimenting with your hair seem like a playful, fun thing rather than a stress-inducer.

Celebrities Going Gray: Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has proudly shown off her silver strands on Instagram, captioning a 2020 post with “the white hair of wisdom.”

Celebrities Going Gray: Chrissy Teigen

Although Chrissy Teigen’s all-over silver hair is probably a wig, the star has been vocal about going naturally gray in the past. “I have a skunk-like streak of grey hair and I’m actually very into it. My Cruella dreams are coming true!” Teigen shared on Twitter back in 2018.

Celebrities Going Gray: Tamera Mowry

Tamera Mowry was an early adopter of quarantine gray hair back in March of 2020. “Not getting my hair done during #socialdistancing, and I’m OK with it!” she wrote on Instagram.

Celebrities Going Gray: Eva Longoria

Think covering up your grays is difficult? Think again. Eva Longoria showed off how easy it is to use L'Oréal Paris' Magic Root Cover Up, and everyone with any color roots took note.

Celebrities Going Gray: Kelly Ripa

The talk show host got real about her new gray hair during 2020, sharing a meme showcasing pale roots.