Blake Lively’s Go-To Nail Polish Colors Are As Varied As Her Wardrobe

Blake Lively's favorite nail polish colors often match her outfits

Blake Lively is one of those people who can — and will — wear anything. And she does so with ease, often rocking full-on suiting one day and a glamorous ball gown the next, while somehow managing to make it all appear completely effortless. So it's no surprise that the nail colors Blake Lively wears follow suit, frequently transitioning from bright shades like lime green to classics like burgundy, and proving that the style chameleon's ability to experiment translates directly to her beauty looks, too.

But it's not just her style range that clearly inspires the actor's manicures — it's also many of the colors she's known to don time and time again. Obviously, Lively appreciates a red dress, and, perhaps not coincidentally, one of her go-to nail shades is red as well. The 32-year-old also has a penchant for lime-green and neon-yellow outfits, and — you guessed it — her polish often mirrors them.

Though some of those decisions were surely influenced by Lively's longtime manicurist, Elle (also known as @enamelle on Instagram), there's no doubt that the celebrity has taken notes from her own closet over the years to create her signature nail-polish looks. Ahead, the five she turns to again and again.

Blake Lively's Favorite Nail Polish Colors: Burgundy

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Lively's no stranger to a red dress, and her nail polish frequently follows suit. Her go-to is clearly a darker shade of the color, but her manicurist sometimes adds interest with nail art and shine.

Blake Lively's Favorite Nail Polish Colors: Neons

The actor frequently makes a statement in head-to-toe neon colors (who could forget that monochrome green suit moment?), so it's no surprise that she loves a bright nail as well.

Blake Lively's Favorite Nail Polish Colors: Metallics

No one does a glittering gown like Lively, and what would a sparkly dress be without an equally shiny manicure to match? The celeb wore this polish in 2018 to mirror a metallic turtleneck under her suit, but she also regularly styles sequined dressed with sparkly nail polish and bedazzled manis.

Blake Lively's Favorite Nail Polish Colors: Neutral

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Lively isn't afraid to mix classic styles with her more experimental looks — and that includes her nail polish. Though the actor loves a bright shade, she's also known to pare things down and opt for a timeless, neutral color.

Blake Lively's Favorite Nail Polish Colors: Black

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Though Lively's style can often be described as glamorous, she also loves to add an edge with unexpected materials and shades — and nail polish. And while black isn't always one of her go-to outfit colors, she's definitely known to wear it in her manicure when she's looking to give her look a moodier vibe.