How Behati Prinsloo & Adam Levine Prioritize Time Together

Date nights are important.

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Behati Prinsloo ZOEasis

In the midst of busy schedules, raising children, and launching a buzzy tequila brand, Behati Prinsloo explains that carving out alone time with musician husband Adam Levine is not always easy — but it is absolutely necessary. “His dad and stepmom do date night every Saturday,” says Prinsloo to TZR at the April 16 ZOEasis event for Coachella. “They told us, ‘You have to set aside a day where you do date night.’ So finding time for each other has always been important to us.“We try and put each other first. He took me away for my birthday last year. So we get our alone time in — but kids are crazy!”

Crazy, indeed. In addition to their actual babies (Prinsloo shares daughters Dusty Rose and Gio Grace with Levine), the couple has also been juggling Levine’s busy touring schedule and the aforementioned newly launched tequila label Calirosa. And while starting a business with your spouse may seem like a stressful undertaking in itself, Prinsloo explains that it’s drawn her even closer to Levine.

“First and foremost, we’re best friends and we have such similar interests,” says the model. “When we started this, it was on very mutual ground, because we both love tequila and we both love art and creating. For me, as a model for so many years and not having full creative control over anything for so long, this was something that we both had such an amazing experience with. [We loved] having that creative control with the bottle, the label, everything.”

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After four years of building the brand, the duo has finally been able to see their hard work come to fruition. Calirosa launched in late 2021 with three unique tequilas — Rosa Blanco, Añejo, and Extra Añejo — in partnership with the Real family of Tequila Selecto, who perfected the tequila-making craft for generations. “We did it ground-up,” explains Prinsloo. “We found a distillery and the amazing Real family that has done this since 1942. They’re incredible. They make the tequila and we brought the branding — it’s just been such a fun process.”

It also taught the model a thing or two about cocktail making. In waxing poetic about her love for tequila, Prinsloo revealed her go-to summer cocktail that’s as easy as it is refreshing. “I’m a lazy cocktail girl where I don’t like a ton of sweetness,” says the model. “I will typically do tequila, a bit of soda water, and like fresh fruit. So that’s my vibe. For the summer though, I keep going back to just pure watermelon juice and tequila on ice with a bit of Tajín. It’s the best.”

So .... does this mean the Prinsloo-Levine house has become a veritable tequila-tasting headquarters? According to the mother of two, yes and no. “We have one of those commune houses where there’s always someone either living there or staying there or just always over,” says Prinsloo. “We’re not always drinking or having a crazy party, but there’s always someone there. Adam is a homebody, so you have to bring the party to him. I’ll go out and have fun but he likes to stay home and chill. He’s social — but at home.” Same, Adam. Same.