Ariana Grande’s Dramatic New Bangs Arrived Just In Time For Her Album Rollout

She’s got it aaaall planned.

Ariana Grande blonde hair

It really is an entirely new era for Ariana Grande, huh? Think back to the last time she released an album, 2020’s Positions. She was brunette, still firmly enmeshed in her sultry-sweet aesthetic, and R.E.M. Beauty was but a twinkle in her graphic liner-covered eye. Fast-forward nearly four full years later and she’s is exploring entirely fresh dimensions of her music, personality, and aesthetic — and Grande’s new bangs, just cut a week ahead of her album release, proves it. It’s a full 180 from what you might describe as “the old Ari”, and it’s just revving up fans’ excitement for Eternal Sunshine, out March 8.

Considering Grande’s is one of the most social media shy superstars out there, she revealed the major hair shakeup in a very her way. First, they appeared briefly on her Instagram Story on a sunny Saturday, part of a partially pulled-back hairstyle that really shows off their length, shape, and texture. They’re long and lash-grazing — an ideal pairing with her long, coquettish falsies — and split down the middle for a wispy, effortless feel. Then, on March 5, she made the bangs grid official with a side-view shot of the hairstyle at what appears to be an album listening party. Considering she seems to be wearing the same black satin bow in both photos, they were likely shot on the same day.


Paired with her golden blonde hair, originally dyed for her role as G(a)linda in the upcoming Jon Chu-directed Wicked, Grande looks about as different from her Positions era as possible. Back then, she was all about incorporating ‘00s trends like face-framing strands, bold eye makeup, and futuristic motifs like stars, planets, and space-themed outfits. This time around, she’s embracing a more retro feel — there have been plenty of ‘70s-inspired outfits and hairstyles in teasers leading up to the big drop.

Grande on NBC’s The Voice, circa 2020.NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Though are just days left before Grande’s highly-anticipated album hits shelves and streaming services, she’s still rolling out the surprises. The biggest reveal of all, though, will certainly be in the lyrics. Stay tuned.