Anne Hathaway Just Let TikTok In On The Secret To Her Full, Plumped Lips

In her influencer era.

Anne Hathaway selfie

Anne Hathaway might be one of the most celebrated and awarded actors of her generation, but if she ever decided to leave the movie-making biz behind, she’d clearly be able to hop right into the influencer world. It’s not too often that Hathaway gives fans a behind the scenes look at her getting-ready process, which makes the rare moments that she does feel like you’re being let in on the secret of a lifetime. In the case of her latest backstage clip, shared to both Instagram and TikTok, you kind of are. Hathaway’s lip plumping hack is both universally applicable and virtually free, utilizing an incredibly common bathroom tool to maximize fullness ahead of any big event.

Hathaway was with longtime hairstylist and close friend Adir Abergel when she revealed the tip, sharing it in her typical tongue-in-cheek fashion. The pair were getting ready to shoot the star’s new Shiseido campaign, fully entrenched in the hair and makeup process in between shots. “I take a look in the monitor and I thought my top lip looked just a little, I don’t know, wilted,” she explained, talking directly into the phone camera. Hathaway said she asked Abergel for a hair pin, splitting it down the middle to make a v-shaped prong.


Gingerly bouncing the pin’s ends all over her lips helps stimulate the blood flow, she narrated. “Everyone looked at me like I had three heads,” she joked, but the hack certainly worked — it can be seen in real-time in the video clip. The easy-to-use hack only takes about 30 seconds, Hathaway noted, and it’s key to not overdo it — don’t stab the pins into your skin or press too hard. It’s all about a light bounce, just enough to increase circulation. “It’s just a little something to wake you lips up,” she said, her mouth looking full, plump, and decidedly rosy.

The one-minute clip is only her third TikTok video since she joined the platform, but it’s already amassed nearly a million views. While it’s unclear if she’ll continue to share her brilliant hacks and at-home tips, clearly, she’s the voice BeautyTok has been waiting for.