As anyone who constantly refreshes the "Just Arrived" page of Sephora's site can tell you, the world of beauty never stops spinning. Whether it’s a new overnight treatment promising smooth-as-glass skin by morning or a deep conditioner popping up at the stations of sought-after stylists, so many products debut in a single year that even the savviest consumer can start to feel overwhelmed. That’s where we come in.

TZR editors, along with six top beauty pros, spent months testing the most hyped luxury and luxury-leaning products across five categories — skin, makeup, hair, fragrance, and the catch-all of "nails, tools, and more" — to determine the best beauty releases of 2019 for multiple skin and hair tones and textures.

CBD serums that actually work? The latest color-protecting hair technology? The one addition that will shake up your skincare routine? It’s all here. Check out our 31 winners.

Six leading industry professionals joined TZR editors to reveal their favorite new products that launched this year. Their recommendations span all five categories — and represent the best in 2019 beauty.


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