Sweet Cheeks

by The Zoe Report

Okay, so maybe it’s a little early in the season for blooming flowers and singing birds, but in the wonderful world of Yves Saint Laurent, springtime has arrived! If you’re after a radiant glow to warm up your winter-worn visage, then feast your eyes on YSL’s new Voile de Blush.

Inspired by a vivid array of rainbow-colored candy, this chic treat is a guilt-free indulgence to rosy up even the dreariest of complexions. With a glossy tinted gel—formulated to give cheeks a barely-there pop of pigment—and an irresistible ruby red hue, we’re dreaming to blush up our look in brights! From frostbitten to fetching, add a few dabs to your look and get a sugary sweet flush.

Availability: Yves Saint Laurent Voile de Blush ($30). For additional information, visit Yslbeautyus.com.