Your Antiaging Routine Might Actually Be Making You Look Older

by Stephanie Montes

Haven’t you heard the saying “you can always tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands?” As it turns out, there are a few other places that show signs of aging and if you’re not paying attention to these, your beauty routine needs an intervention. Here, find out what places (besides your face) that would benefit from a solid antiaging routine and the products that keep you looking young longer.

Forever Young

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding

Antiaging Routine For: Hands

Hand Cream: Choose a hand cream that's packed with active ingredients like shea butter, grape oil, vitamin B3 and even stem cells. This combination hydrates, softens, brightens and protects skin from environmental damage.

Nail Masks: If you're as obsessed with paper masks as we are, you're going to love these. Slip these vitamin-infused mini masks onto fingers to hydrate and treat tired nails.

Antiaging Routine For: Elbows

Exfoliating Brush: Regular exfoliation is key to keeping skin looking young. Attach this cleansing brush to your Clarisonic device and use it on rough areas like elbows.

Balm: This part of your body needs more moisture than others. Apply a pure shea butter balm twice per day.

Antiaging Routine For: Neck

Paper Mask: Facials should never stop at your chin. Treat your neck to a 30 minute, collagen-infused treatment to keep it looking as young as your face.

Device: Introduce a techy element to your beauty routine. Micro-vibrations at 108 degrees work to improve skin's elasticity, leaving your neck looking and feeling tighter.

Antiaging Routine For: Hair

Supplement: Yes, hair can also use some antiaging. Since you are what you eat (and drink), this daily biotin supplement strengthens hair and promotes new growth in 2 tablespoons per day.

Hair Oil: This highly concentrated dose of omega-3 and C22 fatty acids deeply nourishes and soothes dry, brittle hair.

Antiaging Routine For: Décolleté

Firming Cream: When it comes to your décolleté, it's important to look for products that focus on lifting and firming. This one increases the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, resulting in a firmer, smoother neckline.

Device: This device works to firm and tone skin anywhere on the body with high-frequency ultrasonic technology that stimulates new collagen and elastin.