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I Can’t Make It Through Winter Without These Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creams

Stash them in every purse and coat you own.

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winter hand creams
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For as long as I can remember, winter has been rough time for my hands. Thanks to the one-two punch of cold drying weather and hot drying heating systems, it doesn’t take long for my knuckles to go from crinkly, to scaly, to cracked wide open — especially if I forget to intervene along the way. In short? Preventive measures are key, and for me that means having an arsenal of effective winter hand creams at the ready.

Because my skin gets so parched, and quickly at that, I like to have options around for all level of necessity. Say, things are generally at the status quo: That’s when I’ll have fun layering in scented options from some of my favorite fragrance makers. But should I reach the point where any sort of additive will irritate the growing issue, I’ll go for a gentle formula that’s designed to sink in and repair redness and rawness. And if — when — the situation gets dire I’ll douse my digits in this no-nonsense balm and sleep in gloves.

This year, though, I’m hopefully to stave off that sort of code red situation. Join me in my resolve by stocking up on the little tubes of magic ahead.

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