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I've Been Wearing Wigs For Years, But This Product Completely Upgraded My Routine

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Annie Blay
The Wig Fix headband
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In our series Trial Run, TZR editors and writers put the buzziest new beauty products to the test and share their honest reviews. This week, we tried the innovative Wig Fix headband.

The number one reason I avoided wearing wigs for so long was the fear of doing potential damage to my edges. The second reason was concern over not being able to make the wig look natural enough — the thought of lace peeking through, a bulky fit, and just fake-looking hair makes me shudder. Little did I know that 26-year old, Aasiyah Abdulsalam was sitting on the secret weapon I would need to conquer all these fears: the Wig Fix.

Abdulsalam has long struggled with psoriasis (a skin condition that causes red irritation patches of skin topped with scales). The condition would affect her scalp and she would often wake up with big clumps of hair on her pillow — as jarring as that sounds this became normal for her. This caused her to turn to wigs for more versatility and protection in styling her hair, however wearing wigs often requires glues and sticky gels to secure the wig to your head which can negatively impact the hairline, hair growth, and health overtime. Given that she was already battling hair loss due to her psoriasis she couldn’t afford to lose any more hair. So with a little brain power and innovation, Abdulsalam thought up a product that would allow her to continue to wear wigs securely (no one wants their wig flying off into the wind) without the added harm and drawbacks of using wig glues and gels.

Aasiyah Abdulsalam

It’s more than admirable that at just 26 Abdulsalam has been able to get a beauty brand (The Renatural) up and off the ground — but of course the business of beauty is no small feat. “I learned that I was capable of executing my visions and dreams,” Abdulsalam tells TZR. “There were a lot of doubts at first but I’m glad that with my curiosity and passion I was able to overcome that, which is something that has since propelled me throughout my company's life. There is so much newness when operating a business.”

I relate to Abdulsalam’s dilemma of wanting a wig to fit securely but being cautious of products that can cause harm to my hairline so I jumped at the opportunity to put the Wig Fix to the test for a few days — Abdulsalam was gracious enough to act as my Wig Fix guide, answering all my questions along the way.

Keep reading to find out why this young beauty brand founder’s innovation is sure to make waves in the industry.

What Is Wig Fix?

Essentially it’s a stretchy rubber headband with little raised grooves, that act as a grip for your wig so you don’t have to use glue or gel. The headband is made of hypoallergenic silicone, making it safe for sensitive skin types and those with a rubber allergy. The head band. It fits head sizes between 45cm and 65cm (17-25 inches) — 98% of the world's adult population, according to UN/WHO statistics is within this size range. “We tested the product on dozens of men, women, and children (12+) to get the optimum universal fit,” Abdulsalam explains.

When conceptualizing the actual product, Abdulsalam went through various shapes, sizes, and materials before landing on the circular rubber product that’s become so popular today. “I tested multiple different materials and deconstructed older wig bands made out of fabric, velcro, and hydrogel, Abdulsalam tells TZR. “I meshed together bits of silicone from makeup blenders, sheet masks and even dresses with a hot glue gun and surprisingly my bootleg Wig Fix actually had some security. The feeling of knowing you have the final perfect product is indescribable joy.”

The Wig Fix can be worn by anyone really, though the brand advises that those with no hair or have sensitive scalps (especially due to scalp conditions and medical treatments) should wear a protective wig cap before applying the Wig Fix.

How Does It Work?

The Wig Fix comes in five colors, transparent, fair, tan, medium and deep — I tried the transparent and deep shades. I usually prep my hair for wigs by giving myself a through wash and deep condition treatment, before blow drying and braiding up my strands into cornrows (about 10-16 rows, the more rows the flatter). With my hair in cornrows, I put the Wig Fix on the way you would a normal headband and slid it back just a bit behind my baby hairs and where the lace of the wig would lay. I immediately noticed that the grooves on the Wig Fix pulled at my baby hairs and the hair at the nape of my neck a bit when slipping it on, but that sensation didn’t last, and can be easily avoided if you wear a wig cap.

Because the Wig Fix is meant to act as a grip in place of wig glue or gel, I skipped my usual gel step and put my wig on as usual, adjusting the lace to sit about an inch in front of the wigfix on my hairline. Being able to melt wig lace with gel, spray or glue and make it look like your natural hair is a feat on it’s own so I was shocked at how natural the hairline of my wig looked with just this silicone headband. “When worn the product compresses and is less than 0.05cm thick making it super discreet and practically undetectable under your wig,” Abdulsalam explains.

Annie Blay

A key thing to note here is that your wig will only look as good as the quality of the lace allows. I always opt for wigs with HD or transparent lace as they look the most natural, but if you choose a low quality lace, it’s possible that the Wig Fix will show through the lace.

For the true test of the Wig Fix, I wore the pictured wig to the gym and did my standard 45 minute workout, which includes five minutes of stairmaster cardio, some weight lifting, and a whole lot of sweating, and my wig stayed in place thanks. I was expecting the sweating to cause some slip and make the wig less secure but the Wig Fix held on tight to my head, which let’s me know it’ll survive even my wildest nights out.

I cleaned the Wig Fix after my workout session, following the brand’s instructions to use water and a cotton pad or wipe to remove any dirt, makeup or impurities. I’ve also used a micellar wipe, which works just as well.

What Are The Drawbacks?

After loving the transparent Wig Fix, I decided to try the dark shade with a different wig (which also had HD Lace). I found that the deep shade was not as easily concealed as the transparent shade. The deep shade is not a perfect match with my skin tone so there was a subtle distinction between my skin and the Wig Fix under the lace. It wasn’t highly detectable, unless someone was to stand less than five inches from my face and look closely at the hair, but it was enough to make me switch out the deep shade Wig Fix for the transparent one and stick with it.

I also found that after wearing the Wig Fix all day, it felt a bit tight on my head, not enough to give me a full on headache but definitely enough to make me a bit uncomfortable. My wig is already pretty snug, and though the Wig Fix compresses to less than 0.05cm thick when worn, it may feel tight if your wig already has a snug fit.

Is it Worth It?

If you’re an avid wig wearer, yes. I wear wigs often but constantly dealing with glue and gel on my edges is annoying, not to mention it’s not healthy for my hairline — the Wig Fix is the perfect remedy to that issue. I’m also the type of wig wearer that likes to switch styles often (sometimes daily) so not having to go through the process of removing wig glue/gel, just to put on a new wig, cuts down on styling time significantly.

The caveat though is that you have to use wigs with quality lace. Blending a wig with your hairline is hard enough as it is, but it’ll be that much harder having the the Wig Fix headband on. The Wig Fix is not meant to make your wig look more natural, it’s meant to protect your hairline, while acting as a grip for your wig and saving your baby hairs from the damage brought on by the excessive use of wig glues and gels.

With that in mind, consider the endless hairstyles, and trends you’ll be able to try and start plotting on your next (two or three) looks.

See below to discover the Renatural’s Wig Fix headband.

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