This Product Is Key For Sweat-Proof & Swim-Proof Brows That Last All Day

by Taylor Lane and Natasha Marsh
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Picture this: It’s 98 degrees outside, and you're rushing to happy hour before the clock hits 8 p.m... and naturally, you can't help but wipe the sweat from your brow. Your makeup melts (despite the layers of setting spray you misted on), but your arches stay intact — all because of a waterproof eyebrow pencil that withstands the elements.

"A good brow pencil is essential to your beauty routine because brows bring balance and proportion to the face and eyes," Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics' Global brow expert, tells TZR. "Even the slightest tweaks to your brows can create a slimming or rounding effect for your face shape." Bailey notes that natural-looking texture and fullness are really in right now, and the best way to achieve this look is to find a microlining brow pencil that has a balanced formula that’s not too hard or too soft.

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When it comes to brows, it's important to note that "everyone isn’t blessed with eyebrow hair that is naturally thick or dark in pigment,” celebrity brow artist Giselle Soto says. “They may have plenty of hair in the area, but because the hair lacks the thickness and boldness from the dark color, it’ll automatically make their eyebrows appear sparse.” That’s where a great eyebrow pencil comes in. So to get a strong arch, which is steadily holding the title for the top brow trend this summer, building fullness is key.

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Celebrity makeup artist Andrea Tiller notes that first and foremost, starting with the right products is the first step to creating brow thickness. “If you have thinner brows, brush them up with a spoolie and either use a brow pencil or brow ink pen to mimic hairlike strokes until you reach your desired brow strength.” The more you take your time, the more natural they will look at the end. Don’t forget to blend in your pigment with that same spoolie after you are finished with the pencil for the most natural results.

Now, if your brows are already full or even unkempt, creating a strong brow requires a lot less effort. “Usually unkept brows are the best to create a strong brow because you have more hair to work with to create the desired and trendy full brow everyone wants,” Tiller says. All you need to do is tweeze out the strays that really don't belong, including any unibrow hairs, and work with the shape. “If you have super long brow hairs, then I would take a spoolie and brush them straight up and trim with small scissors. Don't forget to go over the brows with a waterproof pencil," she adds.

Ahead, shop 11 waterproof pencils to get your thickest brows that are pro-proof to stay on all day.

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